Raymond Terrace Community Pre-School Inc

At Raymond Terrace Community Pre-School, we cater for up to 60 children per day, aged 3-6years and have been operating in the community for over 50 years, having an outstanding reputation amongst our families, other services and educational institutions within the local area.

We employ University trained Early Childhood Teachers in each room and compliment them with Child Care Workers with Certificate III in Children's Services.

Our playground is large and shady and has lots of room to explore. We have real grass and a huge, sheltered sandpit. Other features include a digging patch, bike track, large soft fall area and covered paved areas for quieter activities.

Each of our 3 rooms is set up to invite imagination and creativity. Children can engage in art/craft activities, construction, role play, computers, puzzles, science, maths, literacy etc. all the while being supported and encouraged by caring and educated staff.

Management Committee

Our preschool is run by a Management Committee consisting of dedicated and supportive parents. They meet on a monthly basis to discuss current and future issues of the preschool.
The management Committee supports the Directors and Staff in the operation of the centre, assisting with funding, maintenance, policy development and the general running of the preschool.

Why choose us?

The answer is in the name – Community.” We are a non-profit preschool run by the families and staff. The children are a part of the preschool community and everything we do, we do for them!

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